This is a program including many projects in different cities; in which Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City are our main focus. GreenViet plans to implement this program in a 10-year period (2020-2030) to plant 1 million trees

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GreenViet initiated the program in May 8/2019 and after a period of planning, fundraising, finding partners, MTIC was officially implemented in 2020. The results below are updated during the period from 22/5 to 7/15/2020





How was the program “Million trees in cities” formed? 

The one Million trees in cities (MTIC) was initiated from the lack of greenery coverage in three major urban areas in Vietnam, namely Hanoi, Dannang and Ho Chi Minh cities. It followed by the impacts on the environment, society, health and quality of human life.

MTIC not just planting trees, through our activities, we always integrate surveys, scientific research and technological applications to evaluate the benefits of trees, provide understandable information to the public

Air pollution in Hanoi

Air pollution in Ho Chi Minh city

The area in Da Nang was once planned for greenery land but now was changed to another purpose

The density of urban greenery remains low

Air pollution affects health

“Sword Lake” with high level of PM2.5 and PM10


  1. Increase the density of urban trees, improve air quality
  2. Raise awareness of urban residents living in harmony with the nature and promoting community work together to build the urban ecosystem in Vietnam


  • Hanoi with 400,000 trees
  • Da Nang with 100,000 trees
  • Ho Chi Minh City 400,000 trees
  • Other cities: 100,000 trees


All steps of the program approach by the method ABCD (Asset Based Community Development ). We encourage community using their resources and values to involve in all activities of the program with the the approvement of the local government about the location, selecting varieties to plant and establishing greenery works.

With the highest level of resident participation, decision-making and commitment to managing the tree after planting, we believe that the crop’s effectiveness will be increased and be sustainable.

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Tell us about the land available for planting trees

Public areas, such as, schools, streets, parks, hospitals or industrial zonesand individuals, anyone with public or private land authority that has a tree planting plan or wishes to plant trees.

Volunteers, work day contribution

We are wating for participation in communication, planning, technical consulting, planting, caring, and monitoring tree’s development


Everyone can contribute through a local subproject, or directly via GreenViet Center account

Greenviet TEAM

For more information about the program, please contact our team

Ha Thang Long

Project Manager


Hoang Hai Son

Project Coordinator


(+84) 977 016 567

Duong Mai Ly

Fund-raising Staff


(+84) 984 134 289

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