This article shows the results of an investigation of the terrestrial flora in Hon Lao Island, Cu Lao Cham archipelago from January 2017 to January 2018.

The research used methods such as line survey, species identification, and interview to determine the status of flora species composition and value for use. The results recorded 304 terrestrial plant species belonging to 87 families, 40 orders, 4 plant branches, update of 187 species belonging to 68 families. In which, there are 5 priority species should be prioritized to protect: Limnocitrus littoralis, Sindora tonkinensis, Madhuca Pasquier, Melaleuca suavis, Cycas rumpus. 81 plant species were exploited for food and ornament purposes, especially 52 plant species were used for medicine. The results of this study contribute a part of the scientific database for biodiversity conservation in Cu Lao Cham.

Higher plants need conservation priority

In total 304 species recorded in Hon Lao Island, there are 5 species of plants that need priority conservation with endangered (VU) and endangered (EN) levels according to the Vietnam Red Book (2007), IUCN Red List 2017 or rare group IIA under Decree No. 32/2006 / ND-CP. These are the species of Boi (Melientha suavis), Mop (Sindora tonkinensis), Sao melon (Madhuca Pasquier), Orange sugar (Limnocitrus littoralis) and Thien Tue (Cycas rumphii) (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Higher plants need conservation priority in Hon Lao island

The survey results showed that Bu Loi species were picked by local people on the island to make food and leaves used to cook soup instead of vegetables; Cycas pectinata is grown around the house as an ornamental plant, shade; Sindora tonkinensis leaves are used for cooking and drinking. In addition, the high concentration of Cam Duong species is one of the medicinal herbs used to treat lung disease and scabies (Nguyen Thi Thuong, 2012), Madhuca pasquieri is used to treat stomach and burns (Vietnam Red Book, 2007). Uncontrolled exploitation of these species will affect their survival and development. At the time of the study, the frequency of encountering these species was very low on Hon Lao Island (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Map of distribution of rare and precious plant species in Hon Lao island, Cu Lao Cham


The use-value of plants in Hon Lao island

The survey process has collected specimens of 81 species of plants exploited by Hon Lao island people according to different user needs. In which, people use 33 species of plants to make food (mainly vegetables) and 22 species using leaves to drink. In addition, some species are used as ornamental plants and for shade.


Name of project: Research on forest structure and additional investigation of terrestrial plants species composition on islands in Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve – Hoi An, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.
Time: 9 months, from March to December 2018
Implementation unit: GreenViet
Project owner: Cu Lao Cham MPA Management
Board Person in charge: Mr. Tran Ngoc Toan |

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