The main objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) are to strengthen education and communication activities in saving Son Tra biodiversity.

The MoU has been signed in this July after several collaborated activities between GreenViet and Son Tra Forest Protection Department (FPD) in order to strengthen biodiversity protection activities in Son Tra Nature Reserve (NR) in Da Nang city.

Since 2014, GreenViet has contributed in protecting Son Tra NR with several activities. In which, GreenViet has committed to supporting the monitoring program of Son Tra FPD with a monthly budget for monitoring around Son Tra Nature Reserve. This budget was delivered from the collaborated research program between GreenViet, Da Nang University of Education, and Dr. Jonathan Clayton of Minnesota University, USA, in order to study the Red-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus) population in Son Tra peninsula.

Especially, in 2015, in order to deal with two cases of hunting Red-shanked douc in Son Tra in April and September, GreenViet has supported Son Tra FPD to raise fund for investigation activities. Besides, GreenViet also supported Son Tra FPD to inform, confiscate animals from local people and release a python and a Rhesus Macaca to nature.

With the strong collaboration from 2014, the MoU was signed in order to strengthen the network to promote protecting Son Tra NR biodiversity in the near future, with the main objectives as below:

  1. Collaborating in building and implementing projects, in which the two parties will share ideas related to biodiversity protection, build proposals, raise funds and implement projects together in Son Tra NR, with priority in education and communication activities focusing on endangered species and newly recorded species. In the long future, the two parties will collaborate in building projects to improve the living condition of local people in order to reduce their pressure to Son Tra natural resources;
  2. Sharing information including documents, publications, communication materials, scientific reports, and researches related to natural resources conservation in order to support scientific information to build proposals and to build scientific biodiversity data for Son Tra NR.

The collaboration with Son Tra FPD was clarified in GreenViet strategy to converse Son Tra NR biodiversity based on community resources. In order to mobilize local community resources in saving the biodiversity of Son Tra NR in particular and Da Nang city in general, GreenViet has collaborated with several departments including Son Tra Eco-Tourism Sea Board, Son Tra Education Office, Da Nang Environmental Protection Department, etc.

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